Chairman's Message

Allow me to welcome you to the website of The Management and Accountancy Training Company Limited, or “MAT” as we have become affectionately known over the years.

The Management and Accountancy Training Company (“MAT”) was established in 1999 in Uganda to provide high quality tuition to ACCA and ICPAU professional accountancy students, with the Vision to become the market leader in accountancy and management education through quality services, value for money and customer care.

During this time our commitment to quality education paid off, In April 2002 MAT became the first ACCA Registered tuition provider in the country, and in January 2008, we were ACCA’s first approved learning partner “ALP” in Uganda. In 2010 ACCA awarded us the status of a “Platinum” ALP. We are very proud of this status, being the highest level of accreditation offered by the ACCA, and we are one of only half a dozen such ALP’s in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our focus on quality means that you obtain the best possible learning experience at MAT, and maximize your personal potential. Building on our success with the ACCA tuition courses we now offer tuition leading to a wide and growing range of high quality business, academic and professional qualifications.

MAT is especially proud of the fact that over the years many of our students have won individual ACCA paper prizes and have featured in the list of top ACCA students worldwide. This is a very good measure of the quality of our training, as it directly compares MAT with other worldwide training institutes.

This success rate in tuition for the ACCA is replicated in our other courses, and is due to the training experience of the international lecturing teams who have been actively involved in education and training in the UK and South East Asia, supplemented by our local team of highly qualified professionals. This in turn has fostered a culture of learning, which further encourages our students to succeed.

This website has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find information about the courses we offer, however if you need any further help or advice, please do not hesitate to email us at Whatever course you are studying for, please accept my best wishes and good luck.

Suresh Tanna B.Sc (Hons), FCA, FCCA, CPAU
Founding Chairman, MAT