Masters of Science in Marketing


Masters of Science in Marketing (MSc Marketing ) is qualification awarded by Edinburgh Business School, a business school under Heriot Watt University; MAT is an Approved Learning Partner for EBS in Uganda and Rwanda. The Masters programme at EBS is listed as the most popular Distance Learning MBA in the World by the Financial times newspaper 2013.

Please be informed that there are 9 papers you have to complete to be awarded the Msc Marketing. 5 of them are a must do papers called the core papers and the other 4 are elective papers (optional papers) Core papers include:

- Marketing
- Consumer Behaviour
- Marketing Research
- Marketing Communications
- International Marketing
- Plus 4 additional electives: (please refer to page 6 on the MSc Marketing copy).

Language should be no barrier to a high quality business education. That's why Edinburgh Business School offers students the opportunity to study in a number of key international languages. Alongside English, these are Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. MAT Lectures are only in English.

Apparently MSc Marketing Core course units and electives (optional papers) are not taught, thus meaning the student entirely depends on self-study and on-line Tutor Group for support, which has been proved to be manageable.

In Minor diets we do not teach any paper, the student is entirely on distance learning programme.

Please note: Optional papers may be taught at MAT depending on the demand from the Students registered for that particular optional paper, otherwise in most cases option papers are mainly done on self-study and students tend to utilize the on-line tutor support on their course web site and other materials provided by EBS. A Student may include these optional papers anywhere in the either diets June or December because they can be sat in such exam diets a part from Negotiation which is also examined in March Minor exam diet.

Each course requires 200 Hours of Study before you sit the Exam, this is as tested and carefully analyzed by EBS.

Fees Payment and Intake

Each Paper costs 690 GBP. 550 GBP goes for all your study materials both physical and On-line copies and the 140 GBP goes for the Exam.

Each exemption is an equivalent of the Exam fee 140GBP.  All fees payable directly here at MAT or through our Citi Bank Account. No extra fees charged.

On-line Fees:
Each book will cost you 605 GBP including courier charges, Exam per paper will be 140 GBP. Thus the total per paper will be 745GBP and this can only be done using a credit card or a debit card, we strongly discourage students to make on line payments when we as MAT are available for help and support.

Registration & Requirements

For one to register has to bring 2 pass port photos (colored), a detailed CV and academic qualifications both originals and photocopies for comparison purposes plus the 690 GBP for any paper you want to start with (if 2 papers 1380 GBP). Registration is on for 2015 intake or call at MAT for more information. Please also note that for anyone to be registered for the Exam you need to have purchased the course first.

Please note that the deadline for the December 2015 sitting / registration passed so you can plan for the March and June 2016 sittings of which the deadlines are 1st February and 20th February respectively

Exemptions Awarded

For any qualification EBS may ward the exemption depending on what you have covered more in that qualification for example ACCA is awarded Accounting, Finance, Corporate Governance (If finished P7) and Mergers & Acquisitions (if finished P4 or P5), ICPAU is awarded Accounting & Finance, other qualifications like Bachelors Degree, are given one exemption depending on what you majored in.

Exams and Graduation

Sitting Exams:

All Exams are sat in major diets that is June and December, however, you should be kin on the sitting dates as some papers are scheduled on the same date and time.

Examination Deferral:

If, having applied to sit an examination, you wish to defer your entry until a future diet; you may do so without financial penalty, provided that you advise the School before the appropriate deadline date. The deadline dates for deferring examinations, without incurring any cost, are 1st May and 1st November for the June and December diets and 7th February and 24th July for the March & August diets respectively.

You may defer an entry in writing, by e-mail, fax or in the Exam Service section on the Student Services web site. You will automatically be entered for the following major diet unless you specify an alternative diet. If you defer an entry after the deadline for deferral, you will not be entered automatically for the next main diet of examinations. To re-apply you must submit, by the relevant closing date, confirmation of the diet you wish to enter, your preferred examination center and the relevant examination fee (140 per subject). This can be done in writing or via the Exam Service section of the Student Services web site.

Examination Results:

Results for examinations taken in English will be initially posted on Student Services approximately eight weeks after the end of the diet of examinations. Results for other languages may take slightly longer due to the extra quality control processes that are required.

December examination results will be dispatched by the end of January

March examination results will be dispatched by the end of April

June examination results will be dispatched by the end of July

August examination results will be dispatched by the end of September

Your official examination results will be despatched directly to you, at the last mailing address notified. Please do not contact the University about your results prior to the above dates. Edinburgh Business School will not advise examination results over the phone or by e-mail under any circumstances.

Certificates, Diplomas,Transcripts and replacement cards:

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement for each course you pass. A transcript can be obtained from for a charge of 10 Sterling. Transcripts contain the date and grade of each successful examination but not the mark obtained. Certificates and transcripts make no reference to the mode of delivery or language of instruction. If you are eligible for a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma each will be charged 140 GBP.


When you have passed all the courses required for the MBA degree, you will be sent information regarding the appropriate congregation for the conferment of degrees ceremony. You are not considered to be a MBA graduate until the degree has been conferred at this ceremony. Graduation is held every June in Edinburgh with additional ceremonies in various locations worldwide in November/December. Students have the option to graduate in person at the next available ceremony, defer their graduation until a later ceremony or graduate in absentia. Students who graduate in absentia will also have the option to attend the next available ceremony in person.

Extra Information

Change of contact details:

You are responsible for notifying us of any changes to your contact details. You can do this directly through the Student Services site. Changes in name should be notified to us in writing together with a copy of the legal documentation that confirms this change (marriage certificate, deed poll certificate).

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