Join the Alumni Group

Membership of the MAT Alumni Group is available to past students of MAT and others who studied with us in the UK with the purpose of the Alumni Group being to hold regular meetings and social events where members are able to meet in a relaxed atmosphere to keep in touch, broaden their Networking opportunities and exchange views and information on current developments and activities.

To take up membership, all you need to do is to down load and complete the Application form and send it together with an Annual Membership Subscription fee of 25,000 shillings to Ms. Goretti, Coordinator of Events, The MAT Alumni Group, No.1, Second Street, Industrial Area, P.O. Box 27800, Kampala.

This small annual subscription is necessary to cover the administration and day to day running costs of the Group's activities. However in addition, appropriate entrance fees to the Group's events will also be charged. A valuable benefit of membership however will be awarded to fully paid up members of the Group whereby they will enjoy a 10% reduction on the fees charged to attend MAT organized CPD events.

We are very excited about the formation of this Group, as we believe it will have the opportunity to become one of the most effective and successful organizations within Kampala. However its success will depend on the support of its members and their input, enthusiasm and attendance of its organized events. So please apply for membership now by completing the application form today.