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Guide to a Career in Accounting. Accounting is the practice of and knowledge about methods for recording transactions, keeping financial records and performing internal audits.

Tip No. 1 – To Improve Study Performance, Write Your Assignment down on Paper. Make use of a planner to help you put your assignment down in writing. A to-do list is another solution and even the notepad on your cell phone can be used for writing down the assignment.

Preparing for your Interview.  Research the firm/company to find out everything you possibly can about its structure, history, performance, culture, personnel and goals. Prepare a folder with personal job-related information. Include references and any relevant samples of work.

Business is a game of revenue, profits and expenditures. If those metrics are out of balance, sustaining a business will prove difficult. Even if your projections show a rapid increase in profits in the next four months, you may not be around long enough to witness them.