Quality Policy

All MAT programs are based on a fundamental policy of quality, from inception through to implementation and constant monitoring.

The quality policy starts with a rigorous tutor selection process, using classroom tutoring environments as a basis for the assessments.

A detailed teaching program is then developed to ensure that all aspects of the syllabus are covered and taught to the required breadth and depth.

Monitoring of performance is measured across a broad range of criteria, including:

Student attendance, and fall off in attendance is checked and followed up.

Students are circulated with assessment forms for all classes which are used to inform management about any possible shortcomings and opportunities to improve our course delivery and facilities.

Exam pass rates are measured against national and international standards as applicable, again providing management insight into any shortcomings or opportunities to improve.

Our tutors, process and facilities are subject to rigerous annual auditing by the qualification providing bodies and our continued accreditation is proof of success of these policies.

Additional evidence of the success of our quality policy is evidenced in our high pass rates (for example, a criteria for ACCA Platinum Approval is that our students pass rates must exceed the world wide averages by a margin set and measured by the ACCA). The same quality procedures are applied to all of our programs.

Our quality management system is tailored to our operation/processes, including all customer and regulatory requirements.