Scovia Ayebare Byarugaba

Senior Accountant with Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd is another top performing student with MAT. She finished the whole examination process in five sittings, showing dedication by commencing the study even before registration.

When asked how she managed to get through the program so quickly, she told us it was; “Total commitment coupled with prayer and hard work, family and student peer support and of course the serene reading environment at MAT that keeps you going even when the going gets tough. That is, the ever ready/available up to date reading material, the library with fans to cool off the after work stress, the conducive lecture rooms, the discussion rooms, the wash rooms, the canteen that provides you with full time coffee and Ground nuts to keep you awake…and last but certainly not least the committed lecturers.


Muwanguzi Isaac

Top CPA (U) student for Paper 2, Economic Environment in the CPA (U) November 2014 sitting.
He started his studies at MAT, whilst finalizing his Bachelors of Business in Computing from Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

When asked how he managed to be the top student for this particular CPA (U) paper in the whole country, this is what Isaac had to say; “I studied at MAT because not only does it provide excellent value for money, but also provides the students with a convenient environment for both classroom studying and reading. As part of tuition, MAT equips students with the best study materials such as texts, notes and past paper booklets. In addition, MAT has the best lecturers who are always available for consultation and are equipped with the vast knowledge in the study areas that they lecture. So with my own hard work and MAT’s excellent tuition, I was very pleased with my performance.”


James Anthony Malinga

Senior Internal Auditor with the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) was a top student at MAT, completing his CPA (U) qualification in two and a half years. He joined the accounting profession with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree (2nd class honours) from Makerere University. His tip for study success was having a clear vision, mission and strategic thinking in line with the profession. His four pronged approach involved; careful planning, rigorous studying, comprehensive review of practice questions and effective utilization of allocated time during the exam. The above strategies coupled with prayers and God’s guidance enabled him successfully complete the course.     

He thanked MAT for the great facilities, good guidance and reading environment and also the Management of National Water and Sewerage Corporation for encouraging professionalism.


MAT student, Amanda, was recently awarded her BSc. In Applied Accounting from the Oxford Brookes University, and she told us about her experiences in gaining this degree:
“Undertaking the Oxford Brookes University Research Project and indeed the ACCA qualification has been quite challenging but even all the more fulfilling.
The project entails a great deal of hard work, self-motivation and a keen mind when it comes to following the set requirements
Despite this, I have been successful on the account of God’s favour, family support and guidance from my project mentor, a top tutor at MAT, Mr. Andrew Chin. I am very grateful to all the endearing staff at MAT who are always friendly and supportive. “
Everyone at MAT congratulates Amanda and very much appreciates the kind words about our contribution. The hard work was done by Amanda so CONGS!

Nalwoga Summaya

Joining MAT Uganda was the best decision i have ever made so far.

I sat for my Management Accounting and Finance (CPA Paper 6) from MAT Uganda and excelled In November 2013. I chose to study from MAT Uganda because it has a great reputation as it is one the best training Institutions of CPA in Uganda.

At MAT Uganda our lecturers used real-life examples in their teaching; notes , handouts plus other study materials were provided on time . This made me get prepared as I had all what it takes to pass.

Value for Money;  MAT Uganda invests a lot in students; they really look  after value for money; assessments of lecturers is done at end of the teaching which gives room for change where need be.